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The Pass

The Model Pass is a card that can get you FREE entry into nightclubs and venues which are a part of the Model Pass network.

The Pass acts like an identification card in the form of a business card with an image of you on one side and your name, agency and (model pass) ID number on the reverse. It's not too detailed, but just enough for clubs or venues to know that you are the person that deserves the benefits of the having the “Pass”.

Once you have obtained the Pass you will have unlimited access to this website, which will keep you updated with all the upcoming events and also have links available for you to go into which will keep you posted on all new and up coming artists and already established artists that are connected to the industry.

How can I get a Pass?

Simple, if your agency is registered you can simply request a Pass from them. If your agency is not registered then you as an individual can apply online for a Pass here.

As an Agency, all that I will need from you when you register are the names of all the Models that would require the “Model Pass”. A picture to put on the card for identification (this would only need to be good enough quality for the ID size photo required). The rest you leave up to me. The actual Pass is simply to keep it exclusively for Models.

Membership is exclusive to professional models and artists who are represented by a recognised agency that has registered with Model Pass. Once your details have been confirmed, your Pass will be sent to you or your agency.

This website will be updated consistently and keep fresh information at your fingertips. Upcoming events at clubs and venues and all the benefits the clubs have to offer to Pass holders. You’ll also have a “gossip” column where you can add your views and opinions about the clubs and events you’ve attended.

Have fun!


Calvin Harris

I had an amazing time at Luxx on Tuesday ,it s the best club especially for Tuesday night. Thank you

@ Luxx Club

white party at Luxx

last night at Luxx they had a white party which was a little strange for winter as i always think of summer white parties, but nonetheless it was super fun and am going there tonight again.

@ Luxx Club

Maddox on monday

Went to maddox on monday and partied with Juliette Lewis,, was so cool!

@ Maddox

I really love LUXX

Last night I went to LUXX as it’s become my regular Tuesday night hangout and once again without fail it was awesome!

@ Luxx Club

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